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The Card Co. hours during the Holy Month of Ramadan

As the Holy month of Ramadan is almost upon us, The Card Co. are planning to operate slightly reduced opening hours. Ramadan is expected to start around the 6th of June and will last for 30 days.

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. Around the world Muslims will fast throughout the month. The practice of fasting in this month is regarded as one of the five pillars of Islam. The fasting lasts around 29/30 days and is dictated by the visual sightings of the moon. If you want to know more about the Holy month of Ramadan, you can visit the Wikipedia page here.

Expected to start around the 6th June 2016, The Card Co. will operate with slightly reduced opening times to keep in line with the law as defined by the Dubai Ministry of Labor.

Our DIFC boutique will operate from 9am to 4pm, Sunday to Thursday.

For contact details please take a look at our contact page.

The Card Co. would like to take this opportunity to wish you a joyous Iftar with happiness, health and success always.

Ramadan Kareem رمضان كريم


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