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Handcrafted by our creative design team, each piece across the Card Co.’s corporate stationery collections are designed and fashioned to the highest specifications to make your event shine.

Created using premium materials sourced from around the globe – from card created at the finest European paper mills to crystals, exquisite silks, satins and personalised ribbons - we work alongside your business to create the perfect talking point for your launch, conference or staff event. Every invitation card is unique and tailored to your occasion, with the Card Co.’s trademark attention to detail reflected in each and every design.

Event Invitations | Event Collaterals

There is a certain kind of structure one can experience when stepping into the corporate scene. Events, especially, require a type of etiquette exclusive only to the corporate world. One of the ways this is communicated to the attendee is through the corporate event invitation. A corporate invitation is sent by companies or professionals to gather specific groups of people for a special event hosted by the said company. Whether it's an annual dinner gala, a holiday party, or a company outing - there is always that formality that's always present in their invites.



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The branding design is very important and it gives the first impression of your company to the customers. The design of the brand gives judgement about your business and thus it should be very memorable and attractive. Professional branding or logo leaves a good image of your concern and also results in a great impression of the business. With today’s modern trend, you can design various creative and elegant designs for your brand name which leaves the potential customers to identify your company immediately. There are efficient people who represent the image of a company behind every good brand. When the expectations of the customers are met by the company, the loyalty of the brand is automatically developed. Thus, it is very important to focus on the business design which should be descriptive about its services or products, memorable, short and attractive.