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The Card Co. produces a range of luxury bespoke boxes for a variety of purposes including:


  • Wedding invitations – there is a rapidly growing trend of packaging wedding invitations in elegant boxes, creating an awe-inspiring experience upon opening. These handmade boxes offer endless personalization options, adding a unique touch and making the invitations a memorable keepsake for future generations.

  • Wedding favors – these are unique gifts given to the wedding party as a gesture of gratitude, often including precious items like gold bars or jewellery. These gifts become cherished keepsakes when presented in elegant tailor-made boxes that offer a wide range of personalization choices.

  • Corporate gifting – this is a powerful way to foster loyalty to your brand. We can craft personalized packaging for each individual recipient. This thoughtful approach ensures that every person receives a unique and tailored gift, enhancing the sense of appreciation and making the gifting experience even more memorable. Our showstopping boxes are thoughtfully designed to make recipients feel special while aligning perfectly with your brand, style, or campaign guidelines.

  • Bespoke Watch Boxes

  • Bespoke Jewellery Boxes

  • Other – There are almost no constraints and we have the expertise to create a custom box for any occasion, utilizing a vast array of materials at our disposal. The possibilities are limitless!

Choose from a wide range of packaging materials and colours such as luxurious velvet, cardboard, acrylic, wood, and more.

No matter the occasion, The Card Co. specializes in crafting sophisticated and one-of-a-kind packaging that tells captivating stories, deeply touching the hearts and minds of your recipients. Book an appointment with our creative team today to find out more.



Let’s Talk! Consultations are by appointment only. Contact us to schedule a time with our creative team, where you can immerse yourself in the opulence and luxurious feel of our exquisite samples

at our boutique in DIFC.

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