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The Card Co. at Dubai One TV: All About Weddings

Interview at the Dubai One TV for wedding invitations

Dubai One TV recently opened its doors to The Card Co team, taking viewers to an exclusive showcase into the fascinating realm of wedding invitations. The team shares curated samples of their finest designs, offering their expertise on everything wedding invitations.

From the intricacies of choosing colors and textures to the evolving trends in wedding stationery, The Card Co. interview was led by our very own Lynn Razian (Marketing Manager).

Lynn talked about the broader spectrum of wedding invitation creation. The interview explored the team's insights into the ever-changing landscape of wedding themes, decorations, and the rising popularity of eco-friendly choices despite digitization.

Beyond the aesthetics, Lynn emphasized the value of customization, sharing stories of collaborating with couples to create a wedding experience that truly reflects their unique love story. The televised experience at Dubai One TV Studio offers a sneak peek at a celebration of creativity, craftsmanship, and the dedication required to turn wedding dreams into reality.

Prepping for the Dubai One TV interview; wedding invitations


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