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The Card Co. Gatefold Wedding Invitation

Check some of The Card Co. luxury gatefold wedding invitations previously made for our clients at our collections page.

Gatefold wedding invitations are definitely what we call the classy statement piece, more significant than your typical size of invites yet intricately made. When they unfold, they will be as big as a standard sheet of paper and that is a perfect size to showcase a design.

At The Card Co., our gatefold invitation styling and samples are one of the most sought-after concepts for our clients, simply because it is unique, and organized and offer an intriguing presentation of what our client’s invited guests will look forward to on the wedding day.

Some of our prominent clientele’s design choices are artfully made with gold foiling and embossing which is a great option for a very royal feel. Some modern social party invitations from our previous works offer a very extravagant presentation, especially those designed for grand fashion affairs.

A standard 3-piece suite normally includes an invitation card, details card, and outer envelope and may also be perfect for those who are doing an online RSVP or anything similar to that.

Whilst, a 5-piece set includes an invitation card, details card, RSVP card, outer guest envelope, and RSVP return envelope or a choice of a Thank you card. Get to know more about what we can offer at The Card Co. Book an appointment with us.


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