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Creative Wedding Invitation Wording Ideas for Your Big Day

Updated: Jan 19

Dubai's wedding invitations curated by The Card Co.

Your wedding day is a unique event that ushers in a wonderful adventure with your spouse.

What better way to mark this happy occasion than with a special wedding reception? The reception is when friends and family get together to share in your delight, whether it's the largest ballroom celebration or a little garden get-together. As one of Dubai's leading bespoke wedding invitation curators, we pride ourselves from putting extra effort to help our clients achieve the best for their special day. on

The wording of your wedding reception invitations must be flawless in order to set the tone for your event. To help you develop invites that resonate with your guests, we'll look at a number of phrasing suggestions in this blog that cater to various styles and interests.

1. Classic Elegance

"Mr. and Mrs. [Host's Name] would appreciate your presence at their daughter's [Name] and [Partner's Name] wedding reception. Date: [Date], Time: [Time], Place: [Name of the Place], Address: [Address of the Place]. RSVP to [RSVP Contact] by [RSVP Date]."

A typical option for couples that want a formal, traditional wedding. The elegance and classic appeal of this phrase will make your visitors feel privileged to attend your event.

2. Modern Sophistication

"Together with their families, [Name] and [Partner's Name] request the honor of your presence at their wedding reception. Date: [Date], Time: [Time], Venue: [Venue Name], Address: [Venue Address]. Kindly respond by [RSVP Date] to [RSVP Contact]."

For couples who want to maintain a formal tone while infusing a touch of modern flair, this wording strikes the perfect balance between tradition and contemporary style.

Dubai wedding invitations
Complete wedding invitations

3. Casual and Sincere

"Love, hilarity, and a happily ever after! Come celebrate with us at the reception celebration for [Name] and [Partner's Name]. Date: [Date], Time: [Time], Place: [Name of the Place], Address: [Address of the Place]. If you are able to attend, kindly RSVP by [RSVP Date] to [RSVP Contact]."

Ideal for couples aiming for a relaxed and intimate gathering, this wording communicates warmth and genuine excitement, inviting guests to share in the joy of your union.

4. Destination Celebration

"We said 'I Do' on the beach, now let's celebrate with a feast! You're invited to a reception honoring [Name] and [Partner's Name]. Date: [Date], Time: [Time], Venue: [Venue Name], Address: [Venue Address]. RSVP by [RSVP Date] to [RSVP Contact]."

Perfect for couples having a destination wedding followed by a reception at home. This wording captures the adventurous spirit of your journey while inviting guests to join in the festivities.

Dubai wedding invitations
Destination wedding invitation

Choosing the right wedding reception invitation wording is an exciting opportunity to showcase your personality and the style of your celebration. Whether you're aiming for timeless elegance, modern sophistication, casual intimacy, or destination charm, there's a wording style that fits your vision perfectly.

Remember, your invitations provide a sneak peek into the joy that awaits, so take your time to craft wording that resonates with you and your guests. Whatever you choose, may your wedding reception be a reflection of your love and the happiness you share with your loved ones.

The Card Co. is always open to guide and share inspirations that will make your special day more memorable. Contact us through our form page or follow us on social media to learn more.


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