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Add Style with Pressed Flowers to Your Wedding Stationery

Add a wow factor to your wedding theme with exquisite invitations from The Card Co.

It’s not the most favourable style element on wedding occasions, but pressed flowers have been used for some time for wedding style elements that add quirkiness to any part of wedding styling.

Dried pressed flowers can be made with any choice of fresh flowers carefully arranged on parchment paper or newspaper sheets, pressed in a book, and then applied pressure on top of it. It normally takes about 2 to 4 weeks for flowers to dry and be ready.

Botanicals are often used as an accent to wedding stationeries in a variety of themes such as rustic, garden or forest style, bohemian, or modern terracotta theme weddings. While fresh florals are commonly used on other wedding elements, pressed flowers can be used as a separate accent placed either as an accessory or included on the pocket folds of a standard design wedding invitation.

It can also be added as an accent to a velum band of an invitation to create a bit of a fancy or whimsical feel. Some wedding invitation designers go to the lengths of adding pressed flowers on the wax seal itself for a supplementary effect.

(This image: sourced from Pinterest - Wattpad user Iuwoo)

Pressed flowers can also be used on other wedding kits like; Thank You cards, Save the Date, table number cards, etc. Want to know more?

Find more exciting style elements for your wedding invitation with The Card Co. Book an appointment with us.

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